Sewing for Boys…..

If it weren’t for my favorite “boy” (aka: husband), you wouldn’t be seeing this post at all.  He has patiently and faithfully “fixed” all of my computer blunders over the years – and the blogging blunders have added yet another computer challenge for him to participate in.  I have a black thumb when it comes to growing things, and it is apparent that I have whatever the equivalent to a black thumb is in the computer/technology department as well.  I’m so thankful for his willingness to keep on “fixing” for me!

Very soon, we will be welcoming a new little boy in our lives.  Our second daughter and her husband are expecting the arrival of their second child early next month – a boy!!!  This will be our first grandson and we are very excited about adding a boy to the mix.  I’m sure that the 3 little girls (a sister and 2 cousins of his) will be big fans of his as well.  So, in anticipation of his arrival, I’ve made a few things for him that I hope will fit – even if for just a few weeks.  Unlike dresses, the boy outfits are less forgiving on fit – they have to fit through the crotch.

I have spent time the last several months looking for cute boy sweaters.  You know that I have a thing about sweaters and matching outfits.  I found a sweet sweater with a blue bear appliqué on it, so that was the inspiration for my first outfit for him.

I am hopeful that this will fit for more than a minute, though it is a NB size.  The blue pique was a perfect match and adding the smocked blue bears (Bears and Bows by Terry Collins) pulled it all together.

Upon finishing that outfit and realizing just how short the through the crotch measurement was, the next outfit that I made was the romper pattern by Chery Williams.  I made the 3 month size for Christmas and used red microcheck.   This smocking plate is called Pony Tales by Little Memories. This may also not fit for long.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it will fit at Christmas time.  At least it will fit for early Christmas pictures – maybe!

After completing 2 outfits and having concerns about the crotch/stride measurement fitting for long, I decided the next outfit would be a long pants jon-jon so that the buttons could be moved down for additional length when needed.  I redrafted a pattern of mine to give additional width to the pattern as well as made the pants long.  For this one I cheated and used an insert that I had purchased years ago from Belles et Beaux.  The fabric is fine wale corduroy.

We’re hoping for a little red head, so this would be perfect!  LOL!  And, the last bit of sewing that I’ve done for him is to make a pillow for the rocking chair in his room.

Of course, I have many more ideas for him as well as for the girls, but they will have to wait.  The SAGA (Smocking Arts Guild of America) convention is next week and I can’t wait to enjoy that event!  Hope to see some of you there.


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