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Fabric Storage Boxes

I keep seeing pictures of these cute, but small, storage boxes made from fabric. I love the idea of those, but the small size was not appealing to me. Maybe I have too much stuff that larger boxes have more appeal!!!

Well, with Valentine’s day coming up, I decided I’d try some of these boxes for the grandkids and then fill them with a few goodies. After perusing the internet for tutorials, and reading many – some good, some tragic – I moved forward and made the first one. Of course, I was choosing elements from different techniques that I read about and then doing my own thing, particularly with the sizing and turn down cuff. As you might imagine, I had a few challenges before getting it down just right. I’m very happy with the finished boxes!

Each of the boxes are made with plastic canvas inserts in all 4 sides, slipped between the outer fabric and the lining fabric in a channel created by stitching down the edges. I used fusible fleece for the outer layer of fabric and then used iron-on interfacing for the lining fabric. A removable bottom insert with the plastic canvas sits inside each of the baskets as well. The boxes measure 8.5″ x 11″ x 9″ tall, so they will fit lots of treasures! The turn down cuffs are different sizes as I experimented with different sizes as each box was made.

I love the frame and font on this basket!!! That said, it did take an hour to stitch out! It is called the Flourish frame from Embroitique. The font is also from Embroitique, though I don’t remember what it is called. Both stitched out beautifully, as her designs always do!

Ignore the faint chalk lines in Liam’s basket – they will disappear eventually. This basket is made with a heavy piqué for the outer layer. I’ve been using what I have in my “resource center” as much as possible and this was the perfect color for his superhero box. I have no clue where his design comes from – I’ve had it for more years than I can remember. Because this was the first box made, and with numerous mistakes during the process, I chose to stitch this design out as a patch and glue on afterwards. So thankful that it was done this way as otherwise I would have needed to trash the first attempt at the box and start over. LOL!

By the time I got to the 3rd box, I realized that if I added piping to the upper edge, the top-stitching would be much easier and the look a bit cleaner. That was a good choice! This font and frame are also from Embroitique. The frame is the Miller frame, and again, I don’t remember the name of the font. I guess I should write these down as I create the embroidery design to stitch, but I never remember to do that! The off-grain print on Ella’s and Livvy’s boxes bothers me, but I prefer to keep the fabric on grain when sewing rather than keep the design straight. How I wish designs were printed on grain!

Eva’s box was the last to complete and as you might expect, I got better with each one. The embroidery frame and front for hers are also from Embroitique. The frame is the Bowman frame, again, with a font that I cannot remember. So sorry about that! However, you can choose any front from Embroitique and it will stitch out beautifully! The cuff on this box is 2″, and the size that I prefer – now that I’ve done several of these! 🤣

The boxes are filled with some goodies and ready to deliver! Now, to decide what my next sewing project will be……

I do hope that you are able to keep busy and creative these days while staying at home and safe! Keep on stitching!!!