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My design process is pretty simple, but involve auditioning LOTS of different fabric choices as well as ribbons, rickrack, trims, piping, etc. In the YouTube video I show many different design options that were auditioned for this dress.

After choosing the pattern and base fabric, other co-ordinating fabrics are pulled to see which ones speak to me at the time as well as observing which ones seem to look the best and “pop” with the main fabric.

For this dress, I chose the Children’s Corner “April” pattern.

If you haven’t used Children’s Corner patterns before, these are great patterns to use. They are drafted well, have great instructions and fit well. It may be a challenge to use the 1/4″ seam allowance. If that is the case for you, you can always add to the seam allowance until you have a seam allowance that you’re comfortable with. When doing this, it is nice to use some seam allowance rulers. I prefer the 3/8″ size. You can see how to use the ruler on the video. You can also purchase sets of rulers with additional sizes included (1/2″, 5/8″). These work great if you are drafting patterns or making significant changes and need to add seam allowances.

Sometimes I will start by taking a picture or screenshot of the line drawing of the pattern and then will print the picture. This allows for a blank canvas to add details and color in.

Once a general idea for design has been sketched over the line drawing, then I pull out the matching trims, etc. and begin the audition process (see video).

Because I wanted a fuller skirt, I used a 42″ width rather than the width suggested in the pattern for both the skirt front and back on the size 5 & 7 that I made.

Play with different ribbons, trims, buttons, rickrack, etc. to see what works for what you have in mind. With the floral dress, I had difficulty finding matching trims. Lavenders are a hard color to match, so I made a fabric ruffle.

Also, if you want to use buttons and don’t have a good match, covered buttons work well. Rather than bows, yo-yo flowers or fabric flowers are another good choice.

I hope that you will find this process helpful for you as you plan your next outfit!

Happy designing and sewing!!!


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