PDF Pattern Tutorial

As a seller of PDF patterns, I constantly get messages from buyers that have “problems”, most frequently with their downloads. Fortunately, the problems aren’t problems with the pattern or download, but rather problems that the buyer is experiencing due to being new to PDF patterns and not fully understanding how to use them. Because of this, I’ve created a PDF pattern tutorial/guide that I hope will be helpful to those that are newer to PDF patterns.

In this tutorial (you can download by clicking on the “download” box), I cover the process of buying on Etsy, downloading the pattern, printing the pattern & assembly of the pattern. It is complete with pictures for those that, like me, are visual learners. It is my hope that those new to PDF patterns will use this reference as a guide to make their PDF pattern experience a good one so that they can use them with confidence.

I’ve also included a short description of how the Etsy platform regards the reviews that buyers leave. It’s not quite as favorable as you might think.

Please let me know if you have any suggestions to improve my tutorial! Happy stitching!!!

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