Is it Fall Yet?

Well, it’s not really fall yet as our temperatures are hovering at around 90º.  But, I know it’s coming and wanted to have a few things ready for granddaughter #2 when the cooler weather hit.  So, the last week has been some fun sewing for her.

Of course, my go to pattern for some quick dresses is always the Children’s Corner “Lucy” pattern.  I had found several cute sweaters and wanted to make some jumpers that would match the sweaters.

The first outfit is a pretty pink and brown print corduroy.  It does have some lycra in it, which I don’t care for, but I do like the print and it was a perfect match to the sweater, so I carried on.  Isn’t the hoodie sweater so cute!  Because of the busyness of the print, I opted for a simple patch appliqué design from Lynnie Pinnie.  I think it works!

The next jumper is done in the feather wale corduroy and sports a cute cupcake appliqué from Bunnycup, which looked great with the cupcake sweater!

The last sweater was a bit more of a challenge to me because it wasn’t really a pink, but more of a coral.  Because I planned to shop only in my “stash”, all the fabrics that matched were a bit on the wild side.  A classic a-line didn’t seem appropriate for the wild fabrics, so I went with a European pattern company (Farbenmix) and used the Vida pattern – it is one of my favorites for a fun dress.  I have sized it down a little since the smallest size  would be a little too big yet.  This is a great dress to get creative with and can be done in some conservative prints with little extras on it, or it can go all out wild with lots of ribbons, trims and ruffles – which is, of course, the route that I took!

Because this dress is cotton, she can start wearing it now in our hot fall weather and then continue wearing it later on with a blouse or t-shirt and the sweater when needed.

Now I have to do some serious cleaning in the sewing room.  These Vida dresses have me pulling out the entire fabric, ribbon & rick rack stash and it looks as if a hurricane has blown through!  I need to get that cleaned up before I head out of town tomorrow.  Thankfully, I have also completed a couple of ready to smock tops that I will be able to smock while I’m gone.  So, hopefully my next post will feature some of the smocking that I love to do!

Until then, keep stitching…..


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