Some Machine embroidery

Since I’ve returned from convention I haven’t started any big projects.  Rather, I’ve been decorating some purchased garments for the grandkids while we all await the arrival of the newest little one – due any day/minute now.  I thought I’d share the results.

I should have photographed this first outfit on a light colored background. Oops!  This is a cute Janie and Jack jon-jon that was given for the new, soon to be here, little guy.  It needed a monogram.  Sadly, I cannot identify where this monogram came from as I didn’t include that information in my embroidery files.  Hopefully I’ll be doing better at that in the future.

This cute bubble was purchased – maybe Zulilly? – for next summer.  The plain bodice begged for something, so I embroidered it with the Sugar Spice font from Embroitique, which happens to be on sale right now!

The next embroidery victim is this dress from Old Navy.  It’s a cute dotted Swiss fabric, but rather plain.  The tights were what drove this purchase, so I wanted the embroidery to be something cowboy-ish.  I chose the Cowboy Appliqué Alpha from Planet Appliqué and added Olivia’s name with the Jackson Font from Embroitique.  I just happened to have an already stitched out star as well as a star button in my “stash” that seemed destined for this dress as well.  I know that Olivia has boots in several colors that will be adorable with this!

The next are sister outfits and I monogrammed them with the Iggy font from Apex Embroidery.  I loved how padded this stitch was.  This was a free font offered on Facebook.  I don’t believe that it is on their website.  If you’re not a FB fan of theirs, you’ll want to be for future free designs.

This last dress embroidery just didn’t want to happen.  When I hooped the dress, it apparently was getting caught somewhere and the result was that the different stitchings didn’t align properly.  I ended up un-sewing this, thankfully before all the satin stitching started.  After picking out all the (3x) placement, tack down, etc. stitches, I started over and removed my flat table on the big embroidery machine.  That was the solution to the problem.  It stitches out flawlessly.  The cute design is Reindeer with Bow from Digistitch.  It is such a cute design and perfect for winter or Christmas.  I chose a pink bow so that it didn’t look too Christmas-y and could be worn all winter.

So, the little ones each have something new and embroidered just for them.  Now to decide on what to stitch next.  Hmmm……..


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