Vacation 2015

I haven’t been up to any kind of sewing lately, which makes me itching to get back at it!

We had our annual family beach vacation the first week of the month.  It wasn’t quite what we had expected this year.  I’m fondly referring to it as the “Beach ‘n Barf 2015”.  We hope that this type of vacation won’t be repeated – ever!  We’ve been going to the beach with the kids for 20+ years now and have never had a bad vacation, so I won’t complain too much.  However, this year, in addition to the flu, we also had 3 days of mostly cloudy and/or thunderstorms.  Not great fun.

We did enjoy some wonderful days at the beach.  However, due to the illnesses – which was on a different day for each of victims – we didn’t get our family beach picture this year.

This was also the first year that I did absolutely NO stitching or reading at the beach.  As I said, it was a very different vacation.

The little ones sure did enjoy the beach on the days we made it there!  I’ll share some pictures for you to enjoy.

This little guy was always smiling – so much that we didn’t even know he cut a tooth while we were there!


He and his uncle Steve were buds – 2 gingers hangin’ together.


Then there were the girls – they have such fun together!  Love that!

Being silly right before we ate at the restaurant…

girls silly 2015

Silly at the beach….

girls2 2015


And how sweet is this…..




Upon our return from the beach, I’ve been in the sewing room a lot, but not sewing, rather making up kits for an upcoming teaching event.  The kit making took an entire week.  I’ll share that process in another post.

Lest I forget to mention it – I also had a dress to make up prior to leaving for the beach!  I hope that all the heirloom sewing friends have heard about the new magazine that will soon be available – it is called Classic Sewing and will be published by Phyllis DePiano of Hoffman Publications.  Kathy McMakin is the talented editor of this new magazine.  The first issue is scheduled to come out in December and will be an Easter issue.  There promises to be lots of beautiful eye candy in this issue.  You’ll want to subscribe to this one!  You can read about it at the Classic Sewing magazine homepage.  I’m so excited about this new magazine and am delighted to be included as one of the contributors.  🙂  Here’s a little teaser for you.


After 2 weeks of not sewing – beach and kit making – it was time to clean around here.  Sure with that houses were self-cleaning like my oven!!!  But, since that’s not the case, I had some serious work to do.  The house needed it and the sewing room looked like a bomb went off in it!

So, that’s it for now!  I hope to get to the sewing room again this week, even if it is only for a little while.  I need to get going on some Christmas outfits with 4 little ones to dress!!!

What will you be working on?  I hope you have had some special sewing time as well…..



6 thoughts on “Vacation 2015

  1. Judi

    All the pictures are precious! My favorite is the 1st one…the happy baby boy on the sand…adorable!!! Bummer that everyone had the flu…you sure won’t forget this vacation and in a few years you all will be laughing about it.

  2. Kay Briley

    I love the pictures of your family, somehow they seem to make us all friends by seeing each others families and how much we love them. I have 2 daughters and 2 wonderful son-in-laws, 5 precious granddaughters ranging from 1, 4, 8, 15, and 18. a wide range. I love your articles and do hope to be able to take a class from you one day soon. Sewing is my sanity as I am partially paralyzed and in constant pain. I wish we had some classes coming a little closer to Alabama. I am planning to try and go to Nashville to Childrens Corner as soon as finances open a way. my prayer mission is if God willing He will open a way before my pain takes over completely. please keep inspiring us, it means so much and you are so talented. I hoping if I don’t make it to a class in Atlanta maybe I can get some kits to try on my own. God Bless you for all the hardwork inspiring us. Kay Briley

    1. Kathy Post author

      Thank you for the kind comments Kay. I’ll be teaching at Peanut Butter and Jelly Kids in April next year. Perhaps that will be a class you can make. Sewing is my sanity as well – love it!


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