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More Christmas…

I know that today is Halloween, but I’m focused on getting the Christmas outfits for the kids finished. ¬†ūüôā ¬†Once I got the news that the football outfit fit well with just a bit of growing room, I quickly made up Liam’s Christmas outfit that goes with the 3 outfits for the girls.


You’ll have to pardon the cell phone picture – I had many technical challenges this week and the camera was one of them. ¬†LOL! ¬†But the phone camera always works! ¬†As long as I’m sharing cell phone pics, I’ll share the football outfit. ¬†It’s fuzzy, because this little smiley guy is never still long enough for a picture. ¬†He’s only still if he’s eating!

Liam footballs

Who wouldn’t love this little guy!!!

I went delving through the “Closet Creations” – those closets that are packed with clothing that was made before there was anyone to wear them – and found these 2 outfits that are just his size!!! ¬†He’s going to be too cute wearing these! ¬†(I could only find these old pictures taken on a mannequin – oy!)


These will look much cuter on him than on the mannequin!!!

They are both his size, so this was a wonderful find! ¬†I immediately tried last year’s bishop dress on Livvy, and it still fits – it just needed the hem let out, which I’ve done. ¬†I love that I she can wear this dress again – I just love it!


I’ve also been working on some other sewing projects, but they will be shown later on as they aren’t yet finished.

How’s your Christmas sewing coming along???


Birthday Sewing and More!!!

I’ve sadly neglected my blog! ¬†For the last couple months, I’ve been gone more than I’ve been home, so not much sewing (or blogging) has happened. ¬†However, I’ve been home now for over a week – yippee!!! – and have been able to sew some things again. ¬†It’s been great to get back to sewing.

The first things on order for sewing were birthday outfits for Livvy and Liam. ¬†Both have birthdays this first week in October. ¬†Their birthday party theme is a Circus theme, so circus outfits were in order. ¬†My daughter sent me ideas for appliqu√©s and I had the exact appliqu√©s in my “collection” of embroidery designs!!! ¬†Score! ¬†Her color scheme is aqua and red.

IMG_9617The appliqu√©s were a combination of a couple different designs – the tent came from Embroitique, the #1 came from Planet Appliqu√© and the name was the circus font from 8 Claws and a Paw. ¬†The shortfall pattern is Children’s Corner “Johnny”, slightly modified for out chunky monkey!

Making an outfit for Liam required just a little tweaking since he is a bit wider than patterns in the appropriate size.  LOL!  We also wanted to see his chubby legs, so I raised the leg on the sides.  The result was exactly as I envisioned.  His birthday was last Friday, so he arrived dressed in the outfit.  Can I just say A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E.!!!

Liam 1st birthday

This was the best picture that we could get of the little guy – he’s always on the move!!! ¬†However, the most fun of the day was watching him devour his birthday cupcake. ¬†LOL! ¬†He’s never had cake/icing before – let me tell you, he was a fan! ¬†He dove into that cupcake with determination. ¬†He started a bit timid, but quickly realized that he had a prize.

Liam first birthday

Laim 1st birthday 1

Next up was a matching dress for Livvy. ¬†However, I had in mind something other than gingham. ¬†So, after teaching a class at MaryJo’s, I did some shopping. ¬†I didn’t find exactly what I was looking for, so only purchased 2 fabrics. ¬†Next stop was the quilting shop, also in Gastonia. ¬†Oh my – what a stop that was!!! ¬†I found several fabrics and had the clerk cutting some of them, when she (cleverly) suggested some others. ¬†Well, the “others” were even better, so I had to have those as well. ¬†I ended up with 8 pieces of fabric from the quilt shop. ¬†My shopping spree for the “perfect” fabrics ended up costing $150!!! ¬† Good thing that I love all the fabrics and will use them in other things. ¬†Hahaha!!!

Her dress turned out so cute and I wish that I’d snapped a picture of her dancing around in it. ¬†She was so silly and excited when she got her twirly circus dress! ¬†Maybe I’ll have some pictures after the party.

IMG_9620 IMG_9621

Obviously, the appliqu√© information is the same. ¬†I didn’t think about the fact that the red letters for her name would be over red polka dots and don’t show up as well. ¬†Hindsight. ¬†Ugh! ¬†Should have used yellow. ¬†Oh well. ¬†She loves it! ¬†I used and OOP Children’s Corner pattern called “Libby” for the bodice pieces and just added the skirt tiers and bottom ruffle. ¬†I’m sure it would be easy to substitute a similar pattern if someone wanted to copy the style.

CC Libby

After completing the circus outfits, my SAGA News arrived in the mail.  It was the Wee Care issue and had such a cute gown that was designed by Joy Welsh of Appliqué for Kids.  I wanted to try that gown pattern Рit looked very quick to make and particularly nice for boys.


I had contacted Joy and asked her if she would be able to digitize an anchor design РI wanted it for a special little baby Рand she did it that very evening!!!  What a big heart she has!!!  Thank you Joy!

I made a blanket to go with the gown.  Love the way that the gown and blanket turned out.


If you haven’t tried out these shadow work embroidery designs, they are so quick and the end results are beautiful!!! ¬†I could kick myself for not trying them out sooner. ¬†I’ll definitely be using more of these.

IMG_9638This anchor was stitched on Imperial Batiste and was even stitched on the bias of the fabric on top – no puckers! ¬†Typically poly/cotton fabrics always have puckers, but that’s not the case with her shadow work designs.

I followed that quick and easy design with a smocking design on another Wee Care gown.  It turned out sweet.  I love the way that the beads look in the design.


I’ve submitted the smocking design to SAGA to use in a future magazine.

This week I’ve been working on fall outfits for Liam and Livvy and wanted them done for their birthday party this coming weekend. ¬†ūüôā ¬†I’m too lazy to make the shirts for under the outfits. ¬†These were really pretty quick to make as I used purchased (Belles et Beaux) smocked inserts that we bought last year. ¬†I made the long pants version of the Children’s Corner “Johnny” for Liam.


The fabric for his outfit is a really great fabric – a twill from Chez Ami when they were discontinuing fabrics and clothing. ¬†While I’m a fan of the cotton with a hint of spandex for wearing comfort, I’m not particularly a fan of sewing with it. ¬†After pre-washing the fabric, it remained a bit off grain, so in order to get all the gingham matching at center front and back and sides, the ¬†area just underneath the smocking is a bit off kilter. ¬† I did try to straighten the grain and tugged for quite a while, but in the end, this was the best it got. ¬†I don’t know if the spandex is the culprit or what. ¬†I have several pieces of their twill with spandex. ¬†I’ll have to see how the others do.

Livvy’s outfit is a cotton gingham – definitely¬†liam first birthday3liam first birthday3liam first birthday3easier to sew on and get wonderful results. ¬†For her dress I used another OOP Children’s Corner pattern for the bodices – the “Elliott”.

CC Elliott

I added a skirt to the bodice of this pattern. ¬†It was an easy adjustment. ¬†I thought about using the Mary De pattern, but wanted something that buttoned on the shoulder and was closed in the back. ¬†I know she’ll love the twirly dress for this as well. ¬†They are big football fans, so I hope these outfits will be a hit!

IMG_9633 IMG_9634


So, as you can see, I’ve really enjoyed getting back into the sewing this past week and hope to do some more things in the next few weeks!

What have you been stitching???