Sweet Baby Bishop

I have finally had some time to do some relaxing sewing/smocking!  While we were away at the beach, I smocked such a sweet bishop dress that I wanted to make for a baby gift.  Another couple in our Bible study group just had their first granddaughter a few weeks ago.  So, this was the perfect opportunity to stitch a little dress for the baby.

It was so relaxing to sit and stitch without the pressure of deadlines.  I knew once we got home that I would be stitching with a deadline again, so I enjoyed every minute of this relaxing, no-pressure stitching.  Of course, being at the beach certainly helped!

After stitching the dress, I decided to keep my illustrator skills sharp and graph the design.  For my dress, I loved the pink/yellow combination, but any combination of pastels would be lovely.  I used DMC#963 & 3078.  I thought I’d share the smocking plate with my readers.  😊   I gave this smocking design the same name as the baby it was gifted to!

The hem treatment was so easy – I folded up the hem depth twice and then stitched the tuck, encasing the hem at the same time.  I added ribbon and a bow above the hem just for interest.  I think it’s a nice option to add just a bit of color.

I also stitched a couple of bonnets while I was at the beach, but I’ll save those for another post.

Upon my return home, I got right down to sewing the next dress for the Classic Sewing magazine.  If you enjoy smocking and heirloom sewing, you should consider a subscription to the magazine – it provides so many patterns and free downloads with each issue.

I just received my fall issue of the magazine last week and was thrilled to see how beautifully they photographed the dresses that I’d submitted for this issue!  Could the models be any cuter!!!

I guess that means that it’s time to think about some fall sewing!!!  What will you be stitching?



12 thoughts on “Sweet Baby Bishop

  1. Janie werner

    Thank you so much for sharing your plate! I think i might use it this week.

    That is a lucky baby to get that dress!

    1. Kathy Post author

      I usually hold both the fabric and ribbon both in front of and behind the pressure foot to keep them both taut and that seems to help prevent puckers.

  2. Ginny

    What a sweet dress! I’ve always been curious about something. Can you use a smocking design intended for a bishop on a smocked insert or another type of dress? (Hope that makes sense.)

    1. Kathy Post author

      You can certainly use a bishop design on a yoke dress. On an insert, it may not be as appealing – for that, I’d mirror image the design so that it looks balanced. Of course, that would require more pleats. Hope that helps.

  3. Julie Stiwell

    Thanks for sharing the smocking design, Kathy. You have certainly mastered using the computer to graph your designs! Anytime you want to submit one to SAGANews I would appreciated it!

  4. Denise

    It is always such a visual treat when you have a new blog post! I save them until I have
    time to pour over each photo and description. This one is as satisfying as previous posts.

    I didn’t comment on your last post (your mom’s Bavarian china and your girls). That one brought
    tears to my eyes. What a priceless gift from one generation to the next! Your girls are beautiful and
    so grown-up.
    Love you lots,

  5. Jennie

    Hi Kathy,
    I have just had the opportunity to begin smocking again after many many years. I’m looking for someone, in the Charlotte area, who can pleat for me and then finish the construction of the garment after I’ve smocked it. Any advice or guidance that you can share with me will be so appreciated.

    1. Kathy Post author

      I don’t know of anyone off the top of my head that does this, however, we do have a SAGA guild that meets the first Thursday of the month at 7pm. We’d love to have you visit. There are a lot of new members that I don’t know yet (too busy traveling this spring and missed many meetings). It’s possible that someone there either offers that service or may know of someone.

  6. Kay Briley

    Kathy I love this so much and all of your admissions in The Classic Sewing magazine. Thank you so much for all the work and help you are to the sewing community. I do hope I get the opportunity to take a class from you one day.


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