Still At Home…..Sewing, Smocking, Designing

Like most people around the country, I’m still at home for the most part, and using the time to do more sewing for the grandkids, add more patterns to my Etsy shop, etc.  I have been productive, but probably not as productive as I’d like.  It’s hard to stay motivated.

I’m thankful to have been able to add several patterns that I hope will motivate, teach and encourage others as they stay home more than normal.  I’ve added a beginning smocking book as well as a shadow work embroidery book.  They are both for beginners and introduce the basics.

Beginning Smocking Covdr

updated cover

Then I wanted to add more patterns that I have either taught over the years or were in past magazines.  Some are easy to make, some are more difficult.  All have very thorough instructions with lots of detailed pictures to enable the seamstress to complete the project – difficult or easy – without problems.







Cover Photo

As you can see, I’ve been busy with that!  LOL!  Adding additional sizes as well as getting the instructions ready for a PDF pattern is very time consuming.  However, right now I have PLENTY of time!!!

What has been more fun is creating outfits that the girls can wear!  When adding additional sizes, I add sizes that are the right size for our growing granddaughters (ages 7 & 10).  Thankfully we are able to see the girls since we are all practicing social distancing, so I’ve been able to take pictures of them in the newly created, newly sized outfits!

Ella loves her new Perfectly Pretty dress and I’m already working on a second one for her!


Livvy loved her Perfectly Pretty top with the parade!  I made matching shorts for her outfit.


Eva agreed to try on the outfit, but didn’t want it.    It went to Livvy.  LOL!  She has chosen other fabric and I’m ready to put that together now – the smocking is done!


Ella also loved her smocked halter dress.  I think this is a great pattern for older girls!


Even the back has cute options!


I then moved on to some other patterns, this one is Primrose Lane’s “Annie” pattern.  Sometimes it’s nice to not have to think about anything but to just follow someone else’s instructions and sew.  🙂  The smocked insert on this dress was purchased years ago from Beaux et Belles.


Next I decided to make all 3 girls matching dresses, though there isn’t much need for them.  They are big enough to wear again next year!!!  The pattern is Children’s Corner “Lillian”.  The girls do love them and are wearing them.



This morning I finished the smocking on the 3rd Perfectly Pretty dress so that the girls will have matching/coordinating dresses for our upcoming beach trip.  Can’t wait to put these together and see them on the girls.  🥰

As you can see, though I haven’t been updating the blog, I’ve been busy!!!

I hope you’ve been able to keep busy enjoying your hobbies, whatever they are!  I look forward to the time when we will all be able to safely get out a bit more!  Until then…..

keep on stitching!!!



7 thoughts on “Still At Home…..Sewing, Smocking, Designing

  1. Laurie Eisenbraun


    I was wondering if you were going to produce a booklet that contained flower embroidery designs similar to the sewing caddy and the jeans jackets I have seen on Pinterest?

    I would like to learn how to do those stitches. I’ not even sure what to google to find patterns for flowers similar to yours.

    Thank you,


    1. Kathy Post author

      The instructions for how to do the flowers are with the pattern. 🙂 Glad that you like them – I have such fun with them!

      1. Laurie Eisenbraun

        Are there more flowers in the pattern other than the ones shown? I really like some of the flowers on the jean jacket.



  2. Ashmitha

    Hello Kathy, I am new to smocking. How do you calculate the width of fabric required to pleat a dress for any size ?
    I took 3 times the width of finished size but ran short of fabric. By the way I had started with printed cotton fabric.

    1. Kathy Post author

      The general rule is 3x – 4x the width needed. So, if your yoke is 9″ across, the fabric would need to be about 36″ wide to pleat. This does vary with fabric types. A heavier fabric will not need as much width as a finer/thinner fabric. Also, if you are doing geometric smocking, you can use a bit less width of fabric and spread the pleats apart a bit further. If you are new to this, it would be helpful to purchase a pattern that is specifically designed for smocking and as you gain more experience.


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