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It has been so long since I’ve posted anything!  I think the Covid situation has removed some of my excitement and interest.  That said, I have been busy sewing, drafting patterns, etc.  I’ll share some of the creations since my last post.

First of all, the girls looked fabulous in their dresses for the wedding!!!.

The capes cam in very handy as the weather cooled off at night – this was in the mountains, so it was chilly at night.  I’ve been told that the girls felt like princesses!!!  💕

After finishing the dresses, I had knee surgery and was out of commission for a while.  However, as quickly as I was able, I was back to sewing.  While I was laid up, I finished up a few ready to smock items that I’d made in preparation for the surgery.

I completed 3 different Wee Care sets that have been donated to Caleb Ministry.  This is such a worthwhile ministry and they have continued to support women that have suffered loss during this Covid time.

This gown and cap were made from a linen napkin, so I took advantage of the hemstitching and featured it at the front of the cap, hem of the gown and the sleeves.  Such a nice touch with no effort!

I always like to do the sailboat theme for littlee boys.

The cars are also adorable and so appropriate for little boys.  The embroidery designs come from Appliqué For Kids and stitched out beautifully!  Joy has lots of tiny designs that work well for these small gowns.  The sailboat on the previous gown was from her site as well.

I had finished up a couple bishop dresses as ready to smock dresses so that once I finished them, they were done!  I sell the instructions for this technique in my Etsy shop.  Click on the link if that’s something that you’re interested in.  😊  Once I was able to sew again, I whipped up the matching diaper cover – also a pattern in the shop.   I use the diaper cover for many of the dresses I make.

I love this color and was very happy with how this dress turned out!  It’s now in the closet waiting for a victim.  🤣

The smocking design was adapted from a design that was featured in an older Creative Needle magazine.

Of course, I add my 2 button back (instructions in the pattern from Etsy) so that the dress will stay fastened while being worn by a busy toddler!

The last outfit stitched was this adaptation from the Lyn Weeks “Frannie” pattern.  This pattern has long been out of print, but it’s in my extensive “collection”.  LOL!  The instructions for turning the dress into a bubble was in another Creative Needle magazine, so I had to try it.  I think it turned out so cute!

I kept busy with pattern drafting while I had limited mobility.  One of the patterns that I did was for hospital babies – it’s a dress with multiple openings for all the various cords, tubes, etc. that might be needed for a baby in the NICU.  This can be made plain or fancy – the front of the dress offers lots of opportunities for embellishment.

This is what it looks like with the one-side opening version.  If desired, it can be made to open up completely on both sides.  I also offer this pattern in my Etsy shop.

Then I moved on to something for boys!  They don’t get nearly enough attention.  I made some very sweet shorts that can be dressed up or dressed down.  I just love how these turned out!  The legs can have pleats, elastic gathers or be left straight.  The sides open up and the back has an elastic waist for easy fit.  I’m pretty sure that they could just pull on as well and not have to bother with all the buttons.  This pattern in in the shop as well.   You can click on the link to get there. The samples are in my closet waiting for a victim!!!  I’ll have to make up a diaper shirt to go along with them!

I’m sure that there are other things I’ve forgotten about in these long months of absence, but this gives you an idea of what I’ve been up to!  I continue to work on new patterns for the shop – I enjoy the challenge and as long as I’m enjoying the work, I’ll keep at it.

This past week I’ve been finishing up many UFO (UnFinished Objects) that have been in my sewing room – some for well over 10 years!!!  Time to get those done an out of there!  Now I’m ready to tackle something different.

I hope you’ve been able to stay busy and find joy in stitching during these strange times!!!



2 thoughts on “Sorely Neglected Blog……

  1. Denise Wilson

    What a delightful treat to have a new blog post in my inbox!

    The girls look like princesses! The dresses turned out beautifully. I know it was a special time for your family.

    All of your other creations are lovely and precious. Thank you for the reminder to use our sewing skills to bless others. Thank you for the reminder to use our sewing skills to bless others. I’m glad you were able to use your time to get some projects off your plate. (That always feels good!) I pray you are feeling much better.

    You inspire me with your creativity. I look forward to your next post. Have a blessed Thanksgiving!

  2. Carol Ann Pileggi

    Your work as always is beautifully done!
    Can you tell me which Creative Needle the directions for changing a dress into a bubble are in? I would enjoy changing a couple of my patterns.
    Thank you,
    Carol Ann


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