Sewing Retreat and a Little of This and That!

Registration online has begun for the Sassy Southern Sewing Retreat – a 4 day sewing event in San Marcos, TX beginning July 29th, 2015.  I’m thrilled to be teaching there along with so many other well-respected teachers in various areas of sewing.  Of course, I’ll be teaching heirloom sewing techniques as well as a fabric manipulation smocking class.  If your sewing interests are more of quilting, machine embroidery, or sewing for women, there are other teachers with those classes.  In addition, there are classes for kids, so you can bring your kids and pass on the wonderful art of sewing to them while creating wonderful memories!  I hope that this will be a sell out event.  You won’t want to miss it!

Aside from that, I’ve been doing a little of this and that for the past week.  I’ve lengthened little dresses that still fit but were getting too short.  I’ve shortened dresses from the Grandmother’s Closet “stash” that were too long and I’ve embroidered some cute dresses purchased as gently worn garments.  I just needed to add a bit of embroidery to make them special.


This pretty coral colored eyelet dress is a Janie and Jack dress.  I added the “E” to the bodice.  The font is the Royal Monogram font from Embroitique.


The next dress is a pretty batiste dress from Strasburg.  I also embroidered the bodice of this dress with the Elegant Rose font from Enigma.  I love this font and have used it often.


This velveteen jumper is from Heartstrings.  It’s so cute, but was so plain.  I embroidered the “Be My Valentine” design – also from Embroitique.  I love having a few fun and quick things that I can embroider and the kids can wear right away!

My other fun project of the week was making a cute pillowcase.  I have heard and seen a lot of buzz about the Quick Points scalloped ruler and pusher and wanted to give it a try, but was reluctant to spend the money on it as it is rather pricey (around $40 for the 2″ ruler and pusher).


Thankfully, my friend had purchased one of these last year (still unopened!), so I borrowed hers.  The instructions were easy to follow, but in case you need visual instructions, there are a few u-tube videos.  I watched those as well.

I made the scallops per the instructions, pushed, ironed, etc.  It was relatively easy, though a bit tedious.  LOL!  I’m glad I wasn’t making huge amounts of scallops!  With the 2″ scallop size, it wasn’t too bad.  I ended up with about 15 scallops.



My funny discovery though – I thought that the pusher had a vaguely familiar look to it.  I scrounged around in my kitchen drawers and voila!!!  I found a similar shape in one of my bowl scrapers.   LOL!



Comparing the bowl scraper (free in my drawer) to the $13 pusher – you can see just how close in size/shape they are.  Honestly, they are nearly identical.  The iron did fine with my bowl scraper as well.  Placing one on top of the other there is a slight variation on one side of the scraper.  It’s hard to see since they are both white – but it is at the bottom left in the picture below.  As far as performance – I’d score them about equally.



Overall, I like the scallop pillowcase – it’s a nice detail.  However, I don’t think that I would use this ruler often enough to warrant the price for it, so I won’t be purchasing one.  It was an interesting tool/technique to use and I was glad to be able to try it out – especially without buying it!  If I need it from time to time, I’ll borrow it again from my (very generous) friend!  I prefer my scallops to not be an entire half circle but a shorter depth – maybe 1/3 of the circle.  This is just personal preference.  Perhaps I’m used to that depth because it is more of what I use for heirloom sewing – for the depth of a scalloped Madeira hem, or scalloped pintucks and such.  The deeper scallops may grow on me.  We’ll see.  I do like them as binding on quilts, as was shown in one of the videos.   But, I’m not a quilter.

In the meantime, if you’re doing scallops of any kind and think that you need help pushing them out, be sure and check out your kitchen drawers!  You may find something there that can help you do the job.  I’m not yet ready to bring my bowl scraper to reside in my sewing room, but I know where to find it should I need it.

What unusual tools have you used in your sewing room lately?  I know that there’s many more than bowl scrapers in our sewing rooms.  🙂


10 thoughts on “Sewing Retreat and a Little of This and That!

  1. Rettabug

    Lovely embellishments, Kathy…thanks for the links & thanks again for leading me to the little cross emb. design from last week. I just did a test stitch of it & it is gorgeous! I’m debating about using it on Ms. C’s 1st Communion dress.

    I agree with you on the depths of those scallops…not gradual enough for me either. I would think such sharp angles would be hard to sew as well. More shallow would not only look better but I imagine they would press nicer, too. Interesting that you noticed the similarity of your bowl scraper! LOL I have one of those somewhere in the drawers…must dig it out for future reference.
    Great post!!!

  2. Bunny

    Great post, Kathy! Love the font of the E on your purchased dress. Everything is adorable and majorly improved by the touch of Kathy! You will do great with your class. Have fun!

  3. Judi

    I just subscribed to follow your blog via e-mail. I sew, but I don’t make children’s clothes, do smocking or machine embroidery. That doesn’t matter. You make the most beautiful children’s clothes ever and your blog is very inspiring!!!

    1. Kathy Post author

      Thank you Judi! What a compliment! I do hope that some of what I blog about can be used as inspiration for other venues of sewing. 🙂 Many techniques and ideas are not exclusive to children’s clothing.

  4. Kathy Scruggs

    Kathy, was the bad fabric playclothes pattern in an issue of Sew Beautiful? I would love to have one. Seems I remember the matryoshka doll smocking, but not the issue.

    1. Kathy Post author

      Yes Kathy – the scallop back outfit was in Sew Beautiful – Summer 2011. The Matryoshka Doll smocking design was in 2010 and was done on a black dress. They showed up much better on the black.


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