Sewing Marathon

I feel as though I’ve been on a sewing marathon this month – a good one!  Another goal for the new year was to do more pattern drafting.  I took a year of pattern drafting in college, but then moved away and didn’t go any further with it.  So, I felt a refresher course was called for.  This was serious business – proper drafting, not a casual “wing it” sort of drafting that I was pursuing.

Craftsy had just what I was looking for with instructor Suzy Furrer.  I cannot say enough good things about her classes – they are outstanding!!!  Our youngest daughter was my willing victim model and stood for me to take the numerous measurements.  A sloper was made, muslin of the sloper sewn and tried on – it was a nearly perfect fit!!!  One little tweak to smooth out a seam allowance and I was ready to draft!

I drafted 2 skirts for her.  I chose the skirt style (definitely wanted control of what I was going to draft) and she chose the fabrics.  Both skirts are completely lined and have an invisible zipper in the back.  They both fit perfectly and we’re both thrilled with the outcome!

She was unaware that the skirts would require a modeling session, so due to the lack of appropriate clothing and accessories, only the skirt is being shown and not the beautiful model.  LOL.  Perfect fit!  I can’t wait to start on another one!



Notice that dropped yoke – no side seam bulk, just a smooth line all around!  You don’t get that in off the rack clothing.





I’ve also been busy doing some mini-workshops for our SAGA guild.  This month the workshop was on bishop bias band application as well as tackling and perfecting the pintucks.  We had such fun at the class and I think everyone learned something.  Of course, samples were needed, so I whipped up a dress with pintucks.  We have been working on the Wee Care gowns for our workshops and techniques – they are a perfect sized canvas to learn a new technique on because they are so small.


Corded pintucks add such a nice soft bit of color to the little gowns.  A few little machine-made granitos at the peak of the scallop and I called this one complete.

A day trip to the mountains offered the opportunity to smock a couple more gowns.  The next workshop will probably be working with lace and lace shaping, so I finished up a little gown with a lace shaped heart.


For a simpler hem treatment, stitching ribbon down with a ladder stitch seemed to be perfect for a little boy gown – not frilly or fancy but tailored and sweet.



Yesterday was my marathon finish day – I cut out and stitched pintucks in 4 gowns and bonnets Monday night, so yesterday was the day to sew.  I finished up the 4 gowns and bonnets and added machine embroidery to the gowns and a few blankets.  They all turned out so sweet!

The cross on this gown came from the Wendy Schoen embroidery designs from Martha Pullen.


This embroidery design was my favorite of the day.  It is a freebie offered by From the Needle of Anne.  She has some beautiful designs!!!





Sadly, I have no idea where these other designs came from – I didn’t take note of the designer folder when I loaded them to my embroidery machine.  The small cross was just the right size for the smaller gowns.

IMG_9012 IMG_9013




Whew!!!  I am so blessedl that I can spend time sewing, smocking & embroidering – all the things that I love to do.

What’s up next???  I’ll be spending the next few days with our grandchildren.  That’s even more fun than sewing and will definitely keep my busy.  I can’t wait!

What have you been stitching this month?


14 thoughts on “Sewing Marathon

  1. Rettabug

    Oh my goodness, Kathy…you certainly WERE on a sewing marathon!! You’ve completed some gorgeous items…you always make it sound so easy, too.
    LOVE the new skirts for your DD and I know your classes will be a huge hit. Wish I could join in one of them. Maybe someday *sigh*

    Thanks for sharing all the info. esp. the link to fromtheneedleofanne. I had forgotten all about her wonderful designs! I am trying to hunt down the freebie you mentioned, but so far, no luck. However, I have gotten to see some delicious ideas of hers!! Most appreciated!

    1. Kathy Post author

      The freebie is at the bottom of the Heirloom Eyelet Alphabet. Sorry – I though that the link would bring you to that page. Still learning all this blog stuff. LOL!

      1. Rettabug

        Thanks a million for helping me find it, Kathy! I must have looked at every single page but didn’t scroll down far enough to find that one. I hope to use it on a Baptism item for DH’s next great-granddaughter, due in Feb. It is beautiful & I am SEW glad you told us about her site. I see many I’d like to order!

        1. Kathy Post author

          Glad you found it Rett – doesn’t she have some beautiful designs! I’m thrilled that she now takes Paypal and have bought some of her designs. 🙂

  2. GamGam

    Your beautiful, beautiful work is inspiring. And so sweet of you to see the gowns for the Angels.
    Thanks for posting.


  3. Joan Cenac

    Hi Kathy,
    So happy I stumbled upon on your blog. I took a school with you at SOAF a couple of years ago.
    Such beautiful work. May I ask what pattern you used for the pin tuck bonnet and gowns?
    They are beautiful !

    1. Kathy Post author

      Hi Joan – so glad that you’ve found my blog! I use a couple different patterns for the pin tuck bonnets and gowns. If I am making them for the Caleb ministries, they have their own gown/bonnet pattern for seamstresses to use since they want consistency in the gowns that they offer. If I am making them for the smocking guild, I use the SAGA pattern and make some changes. If you are a SAGA member, I wrote an article for the SAGA news that told how to adapt the pattern for the pintuck gowns – I think that they are a nice option for boys. Hope that helps. 🙂


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