Retreat soon!!!

I’ve been busy sewing the last couple weeks, with a wonderful workshop with Gail Doane squeezed in the mix.  That was a nice break from the less exciting sewing.  I did manage to get my dress sewn together as well as did a bit of embroidery on the jacket, but that was set aside to finish up other things.

I wish I had something to show for all the time in the sewing room, but alas, most of it is pretty boring stuff – samples of techniques that have been stitched for class.  In the end, what I have is several different garments, at totally different stages of construction!   Nobody wants to see those, except for students in the classes.  LOL!

I have done quite a bit of embroidery lately and discovered a stitching dilemma when I’m out on our porch stitching, or in the leather recliner stitching.  In my other (upholstered) armchairs, I stick the pins and needles into the arms of the chair.  However, that doesn’t work with leather or wicker – at least, not well!  So a sewing caddy  seemed to be the solution to that.  I had made one of those in my first quilting class in the early 80’s.  Of course, I no longer have it.  So I decided that if I did some of my fun embroidery on one, it would make a wonderful SAGA stitching class.

I tend to enjoy the fun and funky styles as opposed to the more traditional, so I stitched up some fun flowers and used some interesting stitches.  It looks so pretty on my chair!  Though, hubby managed to sit in “my” chair and stick himself this morning.  Whoops!


I’m really pleased with the results.  It was a challenge to figure out how to photograph this appropriately since I cannot carry an arm chair up a flight of stairs for photo purposes.  So, pardon the chair-less photo of an arm chair caddy.  I did manage to rig up a sort of display.


The inside front pocket of the caddy has other pockets inside of it to hold my embroidery scissors, ruler, marking pen and also has some loops for holding the embroidery threads.  So far, it is working just as I had hoped.  This one is my class sample.  The first attempt a couple weeks ago is equally as pretty, but my fabric selection didn’t work out quite as I had expected, so it was back to the heavier pique which handles surface embroidery so well.  Sometimes you have to try different things to affirm that you just need to stick with what works!

This was such an enjoyable project to work on and it’s great to have something that is useful as well.  It’s a win!  Now I need to figure out how else I can stitch some fun flowers on……..   I’m open for ideas.  LOL!

So, that’s about it for “show and tell”.  My bags are packed and I’m ready to go ……  the SAGA retreat in Chicago is next week and I’m looking forward to it!


8 thoughts on “Retreat soon!!!

    1. Kathy Post author

      I just stuffed it with the polyester stuffing that is used for dolls, pillows, etc. That’s what my first one was stuffed with. I’m sure that there’s something better out there to use (I thought about wool), but this is what I had. I’d love to hear what others stuff their pin cushions with! 🙂

  1. Bunny

    It’s darling, Kathy, and so functional! You did a great job with the design. I sure could use one of these and you have planted a seed!

  2. Linda from IA

    The walnut shells work well in this sort of thing….just because they provide some extra weight so it stays in place even better on an armchair. I’ve never been a lover of fiberfill, not enough oil to keep the needles sleek. Wool also has more weight and is more dense than fiberfill, and has that lovely oil that pins and needles like for sewing.

    Just my thoughts.

    I do love this, I especially like the divided saddle type pockets! Nice and large.


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