Preemie Sewing Pattern Available!!!

Well, I’ve done it – I’ve ventured into selling a PDF version of my diaper shirt outfit.  I had many people express interest in the pattern, so I’ve ventured into this new arena!  I added a girly version and had to add plenty of lace!!!  I do love how they all turned out and hope that there will be some beautifully dressed tiny babies wearing special clothes made from this pattern.




I had to get some picture advice from hubby since my other pictures didn’t look great.  These look better.  Here’s the “cover” picture for the pattern.

Pattern Cover

I’ve listed this pattern in Etsy, but cannot seem to add the link.

If you happen to buy the pattern and have any problems (or even suggestions), please let me know!  This is a first for me, so I’m sure that there’s room for improvement!

Hope everyone enjoys a beautiful weekend!!!

19 thoughts on “Preemie Sewing Pattern Available!!!

  1. Marysia

    Hi Kathy,
    Beautiful as always. Can you tell me how to find your patterns on etsy. I have typed in your name, but don’t get to your store.

  2. Zanna van der Merwe

    Morning Kathy
    Is the diaperset downloadable or is it an actuall pattern? I would love to buy it but shipping to Bahrain is very difficult.


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