More Confinement Sewing

During these unsettling times, I continue to minimize my time spent reading the incessant news about the virus.  Instead, I’m spending time focusing on the things I enjoy doing – sewing, smocking, designing, etc.

The last 2 days have been beautiful and I’ve enjoyed spending time on our porch stitching and then doing a bit of computer work to get Livvy’s summer halter dress finished.  Here’s the results – I’m quite happy  with the finished dress!!!


This was one of the sample sizes I made of my halter dress pattern prior to listing it in my Etsy shop.  I can’t wait for her to have this dress.

The fabric is a beautiful poly/cotton piqué that I purchased a few years ago from Farmhouse Fabrics.  I loved the “stripe” in the pique, though that stripe made it particularly difficult to picture smock over.  😳


I realized that I must have a thing for light blue and red.    It seems to be a combo that I keep returning to!  LOL!





apple dress


2016-04-21 10.54.13-1


I could go on and on, but I think that it’s obvious that I have a blue/red design issue!

The smocking design on this halter dress is a variation of the dress and smocking that I had in AS&E some years ago called Tea for Two.  At the time I designed this smocking pattern, I did several different variations of it, though only one was published.  Unfortunately that was back in the days when I didn’t have the wonderful graphing software as well as the skills to use it, so in order to share a design, I have to do all the graphing work all over again.

ffb_pair WM


Because it was such a beautiful day today, I sat out on the porch and I graphed another version of flower design and thought I’d share it with my readers!  It is a yoke style.  You can click on the link below (in pink) and download the graph.  It’s not exactly like the bishop dresses or like the halter dress, but a similar version.

I don’t give written instructions, but a very clear graph.  The flowers are embellished with a button in the center, an outline stitch around the outside of the flower and a colonial knot on each petal, however, you can embellish however you see fit!

Funky Flowers 1

I hope that you’ll enjoy the smocking design!  Perhaps you’ll be able to smock it while you’re having some down time.  Can’t wait to decide on the next outfit to create!!!

Keep on stitching…..