Kits, sewing and such….

I haven’t been posting lately because I had several days where I couldn’t get to my account to post.  Apparently the automatic updates messed me up.  So thankful that I have a computer guru (aka:  sweet hubby) that can fix all computer related things and keep me straight.  LOL!

The last couple weeks have been full of kit making for upcoming classes.  I have now completed 60+ kits and probably need to make many more – probably another 60+.  Yikes!  My least favorite part of teaching, but they need to get done.

I took a break from kit making and wanted to do some quick projects.  So, I’ve finished a few more gowns for Caleb Ministries.  I made a 3rd gown in a smaller size, but didn’t photograph that one.



I have also made several bonnets for the little girls from the older, out of print Children’s Corner pattern “Emily Ann”, which is very much like the Beaufort Bonnets that seem to be so popular.  I added monograms to the back of the bonnet and love the way that they turned out.

IMG_9318 IMG_9321 IMG_9324 IMG_9325

By the time I had finished the pink/white bonnets and moved on to the blue/white bonnets, I was being a bit more lazy and chose to use rick rack rather than make my own piping.  I also went through my button stash rather than covering buttons and found suitable buttons.  The white ball-shaped buttons are cute and a bit more formal, but I really like the fun flower buttons and think that I’ll be trying to use buttons like that more in future bonnets.  I can’t wait to see how these look on the little girls!  I think that Livvy will be a fan since she’s always telling her mommy that she needs sunscreen on her eyes because it’s so bright outside!  Hahaha!!!!  Kids can be so funny!

I also completed a Wee Care gown with a pretty hem treatment that is easy to do.  Our SAGA chapter will be having a workshop on this magic madeira treatment next month, so I wanted to show it on a gown.  Barbara O’Brien, another chapter member, will be doing the workshop and showcasing it on tea towels.  Hopefully there will be lots of ideas springing from the different samples.

IMG_9307 IMG_9309

I finished my gown with a pin-stitch.  No surprise there.  I love using the machine pin-stitch whenever I can.  It is such a pretty treatment!

So, that’s all I’ve got!  This week it will be back to work on my class preparations, but I do hope that there will be some sewing as well.

I hope you are able to keep on stitching as well!!!


8 thoughts on “Kits, sewing and such….

    1. Kathy Post author

      You can always watch Ebay and Etsy for the OOP pattern. Alternately, there are others on the market as well – I’ve seen Etsy sellers with the same style. Wendy Schoen has just released an updated pattern of the bonnet and it comes up to size 18 mo. Laurie Anderson also has an e-pattern that goes up to a size 5 (if I remember right). I haven’t tried any of the other patterns, but the pictures look about the same. 🙂 Hopefully you can find one that will work well for you. Thank you for the compliments!

  1. Clemsonmom ( Cheryl Kellahan)

    I have pattern from Brer Rabbit Designs. What type of interfacing did you use in your bonnets? I have German interfacing on both sides of brim, but don’t think this is enough. Yours are gorgeous!!!

    1. Kathy Post author

      I do think that the German interfacing would be too light if that’s all you’re using. I used that on the facing side of the bonnet and used a heavier Craft Bond on the brim of the blue/white bonnets and used a fusible fleece on the brim of the pink/white bonnets. They both worked well and give the brim enough body – at least, I think so.

  2. Karen

    Would love to know what pattern you used for the “quick project” gowns — I do sewing for babies and would love to be able to make up some simple gowns such as these.

    1. Kathy Post author

      Thank you for your interest Karen. These are infant demise gowns and for preemie and smaller babies so I doubt that it would work for you.


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