Happy 4th of July!!!

We just returned from our beach vacation with all the kids!  What a fun time we had!!!  The weather was beautiful and staying in a home on the beach front was a real plus.  As the first person up each morning, I enjoyed the sunrise every morning.  Such beauty in God’s creation!

As I promised, I’ll show picture of the kids in the outfits made for this trip.  Sorry – you’ll be bombarded with my family pictures!  LOL!  We went out to eat one evening and had to entertain the kids for quite some time while waiting for a table.  We found some good entertainment!

These are the girls in their Children’s Corner “Lillian” dresses. 13524548_10153716502091769_532481176654240926_n

The hanging shark (plastic) was also a point of interest for the kids.  Liam is wearing the Children’s Corner “Johnny” with firetrucks smocked from Junebug Designs.  He especially liked the shark’s teeth.  LOL!

liam shark

The day we arrived, 2 of the girls were wearing their paisley “Lillian” dresses.  I brought the 3rd dress that day for Livvy.  🙂


The ocean front porch was a fun place to hang out.  Liam in his Children’s Corner “Johnny”.  Vintage Little People and bubbles were enjoyed on the porch!



The Monday before we left for the beach I decided to make up 3 ready to smock sundresses and smock them at the beach.  I got them all sewn together and started stitching on the drive (3.5 hours) to the beach and then continued stitching while I was there.

Stitching on the ocean front porch proved to be quite the challenge!  Hahaha!!!  While I loved the breeze, I really had to hang on to my needle and thread.


This is a poor picture of the 3 dresses finished.  I chose to smock a simple geometric on the backs and not the sailboats.  The dresses are Children’s Corner “Katina” and the smocking design was Creative Keepsakes “Easy Sailing”.


Needless to say, they looked much cuter on the girls.  The beach sign for our daughter’s house arrived while we were there.  Can’t wait to see this sign up on the house!


We enjoyed having all the kids and grandkids around for the week.  I’d post pictures of the adult kids, but since most of them are in bathing suits, I think they would prefer to not have them posted.  Instead, I’ll share a picture of the entire family that “gramps” took on our last evening there along with a couple other favorites.

Love each and every one of these kids and grandkids and my husband!!!  I’m so blessed.


Honestly, could they be any cuter???  Such personality!!!



Liam’s Children’s Corner “Jeffery” (out of print) is smocked with Junebug Designs “Whale of a Tail”.

I hope everyone enjoys a wonderful 4th of July!!!  We are so blessed to live with the freedoms that we enjoy.

Keep on stitchin’ ……




8 thoughts on “Happy 4th of July!!!

  1. Rettabug

    Gosh, Kathy…this is just pure heaven to see all your little angels, dressed up in your DARLING outfits!!
    Thanks so much for sharing the photos with us. Yes, you ARE blessed!!!

  2. Noreen Casson

    Your photos bring big smiles to my face…what a joy-filled week you had with a lovely family. Sooooooo much love!

  3. susan

    Love seeing all the pics of your beautiful family. The children are precious and the outfits beautiful.

  4. Denise Shaulis

    Beautiful dresses and kids. Liam has the impish look my grandson Ian gives me! Beach vacation with the kids and my husband are the best. Hoping to be able to get to beach next year with grandkids too.

  5. Wanda M Altman

    Kathy, all the clothes are beautiful! All of your grands are so cute! Glad you had a good week!

  6. Amber Tinney

    These outfits are beautiful, you have an amazing talent! I’m currently working on the “Jeffery” and am curious about the tabs in hoping you don’t mind answering a question regarding the pattern? Do you zigzag stitch on the underside (button facing out towards the front) then folding the tab over towards the back to be buttoned which would hide the zigzag? Any help you could give would be greatly appreciated! Or did you tuck your ends in and then sew it closed at the same time sewing it to outer fabric?
    Thank you!
    Amber Tinney

    1. Kathy Post author

      Thank you Amber. I have done the tabs both ways that you’ve described and they look good either way!


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