For The Boys!!!

I love to sew  outfits for boys!  They are so quick and easy and the little guys look adorable in them!  I dress our own son in these all summer the summer he turned 2.  They are easy on, easy off for diaper changing.  I don’t do leg snaps because at that age, they are so busy that the snaps rarely stay snapped.  And, if they do stay snapped, little fingers like to pull them apart.  It’s just easier to leave them off and remove that temptation.  LOL!

Liam won’t be 2 until fall, so this summer is the perfect summer for these! He will stay cool as well as look cute all summer long if it’s up to grandma. 🙂  So, I did some stash diving – both into the stash of inserts and then into the fabric stash to find just the right combinations.

Edited to add that I use Children’s Corner “Johnny” for the jon-jons and “Lucy” for the dress.

This first outfit is poly/cotton chambray (aka: no wrinkle!!!).  The insert was purchased from Belles Et Beaux.

IMG_9860  This next outfit is a pima cotton gingham.  I probably should have done a better job of positioning it on the mannequin, but I was in a hurry and too lazy to retake the picture.  I smocked this insert several years ago and it was just waiting for a little guy to come along.  This is my favorite fire truck design.IMG_9862

This smocking design is from Junebug Designs, and available at many of the heirloom shops.  So, so cute!  I love the coiled hose – a very long bullion stitch!  She designed many plates to co-ordinate with Sew Many Designs appliqués.  The smocking designs are adorable and the appliqués stitch out so beautifully.  I only needed the smocking for this one.


The next outfit is a poly/cotton seersucker – again, no iron, so it’s going to be a hit.  Liam will love the trucks – he’s all boy!!!  This insert is also from Belles Et Beaux.


I had both the boy and the girl version of this insert, so I had to make brother/sister outfits.  I can’t wait to see them in these matching outfits!  The fabric is a dimity check.  I love this stuff!  Though it is 100% cotton, it really doesn’t wrinkle hardly at all and is very durable.  Again, the inserts are from Belles Et Beaux.

IMG_9861 IMG_9866

I love when I can whip up some cute things so quickly because of inserts already on hand and my fabric stash = a small fabric store.  Hahaha!!!

Isn’t he a handsome little fellow!!!  Can’t wait to see him in all his new duds!


And he’s always smiling – especially if there is food involved!  I stole this from my daughter’s Facebook page.  🙂


Next up is some beach outfits for our trip in a couple weeks.  🙂

Keep on stitching……


7 thoughts on “For The Boys!!!

  1. Carol

    The little boy outfits are really sweet. Like your comment about the snaps in the crotch area. Always wondered if I should or should not use them. I am making little rompers for charity purposes and I think they look so clean, crisp and cool. The boys seem to be left out when it comes to sewing. But these little rompers are just the ticket.

    1. Kathy Post author

      Carol – I use the snaps for the smaller sizes, but once the boys are 18 mo. or so, snaps seem to be more of a problem than a help. For our son, I stopped using the snaps with a size 2T (which he wore at 12 months!).

  2. Zanna van der Merwe

    I LOVE your boy outfits, especially the lovely smocking! Do you sell these smocking plates?
    Always nice to look at your beautiful handwork!

    1. Kathy Post author

      Thank you Zanna! I don’t sell the smocking plates. The firetruck plate is by Junebug Designs and available at many of the heirloom shops. the other inserts were purchased already smocked from Belles Et Beaux. They sell the past season extra inserts on their website. I don’t know if they still have them available – cannot seem to find the website or link. Sorry.

      1. Zanna

        Thank you Kathy! Appreciate the time to answer. I too love smocking, bought a few downloadable smocking plates earlier this year, for picture smocking, but never tried picture smocking. Have to start summer outfits for our new grandson!

  3. Margaret

    Kathy I love these boys outfits- they are adorable! I have the same questions as Zanna! I have like to smock but sometimes like to take short cuts and would love some of the beaux et belles smocking plates. I have searched high and low for them online and cannot seem to find any other than on eBay. If you happen to find the link or find out where to get these will you please share on your blog? Thank you!!


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