Easter Blessings and summer sewing…

“The Lord is risen indeed” – Luke 24:34.  What a joy to celebrate the truth of the risen Savior again this Easter as we worshiped yesterday.  After the church service, the kids and grandkids came over for dinner as well as to celebrate our 3 birthdays that are so close together.  What a delightful day it was.

After our meal, the little ones went down for a nap.  However, after nap time, they were so excited to get out in the sunshine and hunt for those colorful eggs – they could hardly stop long enough for a picture.  Aren’t they an adorable bunch!!!  All 3 of them are wearing my new dress pattern, Suzette, that I showed earlier.  They couldn’t be any cuter!!!  Of course, I’m not a biased grandma!  LOL!  Little Liam was napping, so he didn’t get in on the action or the picture, but he was just as sweet as the girls.


I’ve moved on to some summer sewing and have completed a couple more of the Perfectly Pretty tops, though my version of them.  It works out great that I can sew for the 3 little girls and do 3 different sizes.  It’s always nice to have wearable samples when I’m testing the fit.  LOL!  I made the little girls outfits and they all co-ordinate so that they can continue to look adorable when they are together.  For their tops, I used the Bonnie Blue “Haillie” pattern bloomers and added ruffles to the back side.  I can’t wait to get pictures of the 3 little girls in these outfits!  I’ve shown the back side of the bloomers, just because it is cuter than the front.  LOL!

IMG_9270 IMG_9264


I smocked one of the tops with the same design that was included in the magazine (Sew Beautiful #149) so that it would match the big sister outfit. The other top was smocked with Ellen McCarn’s “Tulip Garden”, which I thought was a good design for the print.



I have also managed to squeeze in a simple machine embroidered monogram on one of Liam’s purchased outfits.  I can just see him with his red “fuzz” in this one!



Next up on the sewing front is a lime green check outfit for Liam – after all, he needs to “match” as well.


What is everyone else working on now that the Easter finery is finished?

8 thoughts on “Easter Blessings and summer sewing…

  1. Marian Moody

    Loved the Easter outfits on the girls, and the summer outfits are adorable. I can’t wait to get started on summer outfits myself!


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