Convention Fun!

Last week I attended the SAGA convention in Hampton, VA.  What a fun week it was!!!  I had the opportunity to take classes from some wonderful teachers – Phyllis Brown, Claudia Newton, Jeannie Baumeister and Vaune Pierce.  I took home some tips from each one of them.  I can highly recommend each of these teachers!!!  They are all professional, knowledgeable and excellent teachers.  If you have the opportunity to take a class from any of these ladies, jump on it!!!

Here are some pictures of their class projects that I hope to get finished:

Claudia’s diaper shirt set:


Phyllis’ classes:


Now, if only I can get my bullion stitches to look as fabulous as hers!!!


Jeanie’s class – I have serious doubts that I’ll ever get my featherstitching to be as tiny as hers is!


As you can see, I focused on handwork/embroidery type classes.  I have a long ways to go before my embroidery is as beautiful as any of these ladies!  😛  Of course, now I have several UFO’s that will need to be stitched up at some point.  LOL!

Since I’ve been home, I’ve worked on my sample dress to get the shadow work embroidery finished.

IMG_9840 IMG_9844

What you probably don’t realize is that I only stitched the bows on the front of the gown for the picture and to submit the class to SAGA for approval.  🙂  So, there were several bows that needed stitching.  I’m happy to report that they are all finished now!  Whew!!!

Now I’m anxiously waiting for the next Classic Sewing magazine to arrive.  Think Christmas!!!  Don’t you just love silk!  It’s one of my favorite fabrics!!!


If you haven’t subscribed yet, you’ll want to!

As you can see, I’ve been busy.  🙂  I hope everyone enjoys the weekend!!!


7 thoughts on “Convention Fun!

  1. Willie Conway

    Great convention for sure. I am still stitching each night. I too had wonderful teachers. I wrote each one a thank you note of which I handed to them at Banquet on Saturday. I do that for all my teachers . I feel so blessed and honored to have had the opportunity to be in their classes.
    It was also a wonderful time to catch up with all our friends. SAGA is great !

  2. Pam Rigby

    I feel your Silk Dupioni must be much nicer to smock than the stuff we have over here in the UK. It is truly horrible- a pig to pleat and frays like mad. The dress is really gorgeous but apart from a winter wedding I cannot think when would be the right occasion for any of our little girls to wear it. Our fashions are so much more casual nowadays- apart from Proncess Charlotte that is.

  3. Sandy Killingsworth

    Hi Kathy,

    I learned to smock many years ago for my daughter who is now 35 and has a daughter of her own. Now I have picked up my pleater and floss and have begun to smock for little Josie. I’ve smocked several items, always in a cotton or cotton blend fabric. The other day my new daughter-in-law asked me if one could smock on knit fabric. She is expecting in about a month and wanted a white knit gown sac with smocking. I don’t know that I’ve ever seen any items smocked in knit fabric. Have you ever done it? I think the smocking would be about the same; it’s the pleating that shakes my confidence. What should I do differently?

    1. Kathy Post author

      You definitely can smock on knit fabric. Depending on the weight of the knit – you may have thicker pleats (more like corduroy). Pleat carefully as the knit can stretch. I’d try a small sample first. I would also steer away from knits with spandex or lycra. The sea island knits are beautiful, but I haven’t pleated them, so cannot tell you what to expect. Have fun with it!


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