Christmas and Crayons!

I have been stash diving lately, trying to decide on how to thin out the “stash”.  I have accumulated quite a large collection of fabrics due to many years of sewing for the public as well as selling outfits on Ebay back in the day.  LOL!  And then there is the obligation to purchase fabrics from all the various shops that have gone out of business in the last 25+ years or so because you never know when or where you’ll be able to purchase fabric again!!!  Needless to say, I can make most anything without setting foot in a store at this point since I have a collection of fabrics, laces, trims, buttons, etc.

As I was pulling out fabrics to let go of, I found this gem – some really fun fabric that was made by a company called Princess Fabric, Inc.:

I purchased this fabric 8+ years ago at a unique little shop that had everything you could imagine – current and vintage sewing supplies!  It was kind of like a “pickers” store – nothing was merchandised pretty and you had to dig through to find things.  I got several treasures there.  I had no particular plan other than that I thought it might make a great boutique outfit to sell on Ebay.  That never happened.  It was going to be sold for a bargain, but then I had a fabulous idea!!!

This fabric is meant to be colored, so I immediately ordered fabric crayons – 3 sets for 3 granddaughters.

Then I whipped up 3 pillowcases with different band colors for the different girls.  That way the pillowcases will match the bedroom and will also help with identification, should they have a sleepover and all use their Princess Pillowcases.

Crafting, princesses and new pillowcases!!!  What could be more fun than that!!!  I know that the little girls will be thrilled with this gift.  They are all about crafting and princesses.  I had just enough fabric for the 3 pillowcases and have a 6″ strip left, which I will include for them to practice on.  Coloring on fabric is a bit different than coloring on paper.  😜  I also thought that would help the moms practice with the “heat set” after the coloring is over.

They can color on both sides of the pillowcase – that should keep them busy for a minute!  Don’t you just love all the different “scenes”!!!

I’m thrilled to have a Christmas gift finished!!!  I know others that have already been sewing Christmas gifts and have quite a few put away.  Maybe this will inspire me to continue with the Christmas shopping – even though it’s in the 90’s here!!!

I’ve also done some other sewing this week – I made several more of the ready to smock nightgowns (finished with that for a bit) as well as some tiny diapers to go with the Wee Care gowns.  I’m not sure what will be next, but I have a feeling that it will be something unexpected as I continue the stash diving!  If anyone is interested, there are several groups on Facebook where you can buy/sell from each other.  I’m trying to stick to selling, though sometimes it’s hard to not buy something!  LOL!  If anyone is interested, place a comment and I’ll add you to the groups!!!

9 thoughts on “Christmas and Crayons!

  1. Linda Thompson

    I seem to have taken up Stash buying as a recent new hobby. I do a lot of sewing of charity quilts. The latest new group of quilts I have been making along with our church participation in quilts for Community wide Christmas projects is the Burn Victim camp in Iowa. With those quilts going for all purpose cuddle during the day and sleep under at night, I am finding really nice pretty dark colors for backings…not dark as in drab, but dark as in stay clean and still be a warm color and handsome for a boy’s quilt. Thank you, Kathy and all the others, who are cleaning out closets. I t is a pleasure to help you out. I appreciate your taping skills at saving on my postage!

    1. Kathy Post author

      I have some mad taping skills!!! LOL! How wonderful of you to sew for such a worthy charity! Let me know if you need more fabric. 🙂

  2. Susan Hartzband

    I love all of the pretties on the sale sites, so fun. I love your pillowcases. A few years ago IKEA sold the color on fabric, I was being polite and waiting my turn when someone grabbed it and bought every single yard. I never saw it at IKEA again. But I loved the idea.

  3. Trudi Peters

    Kathy, that is SO cool! Wish I had some of the fabric for my granddaughters. I will keep my eye out for something that will work. Did you get the fabric crayons on Amazon?

  4. Ginger

    Cute! The little girls will love it.

    To the people above looking for fabrics, I’ve found coloring fabric at IKEA before and the quilt shops had some a year or so ago. Etsy probably has some.


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