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Some Simple Sewing Projects

This past week I’ve been doing some simple sewing projects.  Having found a completed top as well as a partially completed top, both which would fit one of the little girls right now, I thought I should finish some pants or capris to wear with the tops.

This first top was partially completed.  It was rather plain, so I added some hand embroidery to it.  I thought it was sweet, but Ella – well, she wasn’t sure about it.  We’ll see.  LOL!

IMG_9816 IMG_9817

The second top was sewn many years ago when I sold children’s clothing online.  This wasn’t sold due to the initial.  I was thrilled when I went stash diving and found the polka dot pique that was a perfect match to the top!  Of course, this is for Livvy (Olivia).


Then I also finished up a couple sweet Wee Care gowns.  The white one is simple and will work for a boy or girl, but I loved smocking the tiny rocking horse on the second one!  I know it will be sweet for a precious little boy.


The smocking design for the horse is Tiny Rocking Horses by Ellen McCarn.


In addition to some of the enjoyable sewing, I’ve had fun with the grandkids this past week, having some “sleep-overs” with some of them!  That trumps sewing any day!

I’ve been busy sewing other things as well, but those have yet to be photographed.  I’ll save that for the next post.

I hope you’re enjoying some relaxing sewing these days as well!

“Beautiful Beautifuls”

One of our granddaughters calls her smocked, fancy, twirly dresses her “beautiful beautifuls” and requests to wear those quite often.  Of course, I love that!  Well, I’ve just returned from teaching at Peanut Butter ‘n Jelly Kids in Mobile, AL where I saw some of the most “beautiful beautifuls” ever!!!   Everywhere that you turn you can see a beautiful dress that Anna Marie has made and put on display for inspiration.


Each dress is as beautiful as the next and lace is used extensively!!!  What eye candy!!!
thumb_IMG_1371_1024 thumb_IMG_1379_1024

At every opportunity (breaks, lunch, before and after class) I walked around the shop taking in all the pretty things displayed throughout the shop.

Anna Marie is a woman of many talents.  Not only does she draft/sell her own patterns and smocking plates, she is now re-creating the beautiful 1752 laces and having them made here in the US on perhaps the only vintage machine left in this country.  These laces are just scrumptious!!!  Here’s a small sampling of the laces.




I am going to have to dream up a “need” to buy and use some of these.  They are produced on delicate netting – oh, how I loved them!

There’s no lack of inspiration in this shop!  You definitely need to visit if you are ever in AL.  However, if you cannot get there in person, her online shop carries all these pretty things as well.

thumb_IMG_1373_1024 thumb_IMG_1380_1024

I had a wonderful time teaching at this shop!  The students were enthusiastic and eager to learn and try new techniques.  They hardly wanted to stop for lunch – however, Anna Marie tempted all of us with a delicious offering each day.  🙂  They worked hard and I’m sure will have their projects completed in no time.



Do you see the lavender and blue hoop skirts in the back of the classroom – these are the “in progress” works of Anna Marie’s gowns for the Azalea Trail Maids of Mobile. Some pretty amazing dresses with multiple pieces and HUNDREDS of yards of ruffles!!! She makes several each year. She sewed ruffles while we sewed heirlooms. 🙂

It was lovely getting to know each of these ladies and helping them learn some new things!  Anna Marie was a delightful host and ready to jump in and help where needed – even volunteering to do a bit of embroidery on a bodice.


I stole a picture from FB – they were a lovely group of students and I enjoyed getting to know each of them!

PBJK group

All things have to come to an end, and the ending was just as sweet.  I had a car tour of Mobile and saw the majestic trees, stately homes, the bay and other attractions and then finished the evening with a delicious dinner at one of the local restaurants.  It was a wonderful weekend.

I did have to snap a picture of one of the displays at the airport. It was so fitting – royalty.  🙂


Now, after I get my things put away, I’ll have to decide what to sew next.  I think I may finish up the hand embroidery I started while I was gone.