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Where Does The Time Go?

I’ve sadly neglected the blog for a few weeks.  Time seems to be flying by this summer!  I have managed to get a bit of sewing in and have enjoyed every bit of it.

Upon our return from Europe, I took some time the first week and did some charity sewing.  I made more gowns for the Caleb ministry as well as several peasant dresses for the Dress A Girl Around The World.  Of course, I couldn’t forget the gowns that I make for the SAGA Wee Care, so a couple of those were finished as well.  Both are wonderful ministries and I consider it an honor and a blessing to support them.  The peasant dresses are easy to construct as are the gowns for the tiny babies for Caleb ministry.

I neglected to take pictures of all the items, but I did manage to finish up my “stash” of blue floral, as you can see from the 3 dresses.  LOL!  I sewed 6 peasant dresses.





The Caleb ministry gave me a supply of heirloom laces to work with, which was right up my alley!  While I wish these tiny gowns weren’t needed, it enjoy that I can make something special to make a difficult day a little easier for the parents.



IMG_9522 IMG_9524 IMG_9525

The same sentiment is shared with the Wee Care gowns.  I’m so glad that there are opportunities for these tiny babies to have some special gowns.  These blue hem treatment on the first gown is a sweet way to add some color to the gown and decorate it without making it too girl-y.  This is the second gown that I’ve used this Madeira treatment on and I’m sure I’ll use it again.



IMG_9526 IMG_9529 IMG_9535

Then I thought it was time I finished up this dress.  It’s been complete for weeks, only lacking the hem and buttons.  Why do I not get this finished up as soon as the smocking is completed?  Oy!  The butterfly is a smocking design from Frances Messina Jones called “Flutter By“.  She has the cutest picture smocking plates and I enjoyed smocking this one.

The fabric is a poly/cotton from Farmhouse Fabrics.  I went there a year (maybe 2) ago and bought this fabric in blue, white and yellow since it’s so hard to find a quality poly/cotton fabric.  I know that this dress will be especially enjoyed since no ironing is involved!



IMG_9536 IMG_9537

I kept the back design simple and quick.  Ella wore this dress when they came over for Father’s Day dinner and it was adorable on her.  Of course, with the gang all here, well, pictures didn’t happen.  LOL!  It was wild and busy, but with lots of fun for all.





Then I moved on to yet another UFO that has been aging in the stash for a few years – a wool jacket, Snug as a Bug, from a Gail Doane class.  I hate to admit it, but I made many mistakes on this jacket due to the fact that I didn’t review the instructions prior to competing the embroidery.  (showing my red face here!!!)  Clearly, as a teacher, I should have known better.  But, I wanted to get it finished prior to taking another class from her this week.  Bad idea.  After the embroidery was completed, I did review the sewing instruction and that’s when I discovered that my embroidery was different than the instructions.  Oy!  I did my best to fix the situation.  It’s still a beautiful little jacket – it just doesn’t look exactly like the original kit was designed.  LOL!  I know better now and hopefully will not make this dumb mistake again.  Mistakes and all, I still love the little jacket and know it will be worn!

IMG_9543 IMG_9544

I did try the jacket on the little girls when I watched them last week, but I had all 4 kids at the time and a good photo just wasn’t an option!!!  Instead, I’ll share a picture of the 3 little girls on their trip to the aquarium in their whale dresses.  You know I have to share my sweeties from time to time!



After the jacket was finished, I moved on and continued working on my next (hopefully) class to submit to SAGA.  🙂  I need to finish that up this week!

The last 2 days have been spent at our guild’s workshop with Gail Doane.  As always, she is a wonderful teacher and I’d encourage anyone to take a class from her.  You won’t be disappointed.  We had many first time attendees at the workshop and they thoroughly enjoyed her classes.

Now, back to the real world of cleaning, cooking and sewing……


Komolka – Fabric Shopping in Vienna

As promised, I’m sharing pictures from my fabric shopping adventure in Vienna.  We found the fabric store via the internet and I was hopeful that we would be able to fit this into our schedule.  However, we encountered a few challenges!  We arrived in Vienna on Saturday, late afternoon – too late to shop, not to mention that it was pouring.  Sunday, we discovered that all the stores were closed, so we used that as our day to visit the tourist sites – no problem, there’s always Monday, right?  Wrong!  Monday was a national holiday and all the stores were closed for that as well!!!  Ack!  Our train back to Prague was Tuesday at 1pm.  What to do…..


We got up Tuesday morning and double checked the directions, etc. to get to the store.  The map said that it was about a 25 minute walk from our hotel.  No problem – we’d been walking all week and 25 minutes was nothing.  Well, that was until we decided that we would walk there, I would shop, then we would walk to the train station – a 40 min. walk from the fabric store – all while pulling our carry on bag and with our backpacks.

Not deterred by this additional weight to pull, I gleefully set out with hubby to find the store.  Thank goodness for his iPhone map to navigate the streets!  Did I mention that all the streets and sidewalks are cobblestone?  Try pulling luggage on that for a few miles.  LOL!  We got there a couple of minutes before opening, and we didn’t encounter pouring rain during the walk, just drizzle, so I counted it as a win!

My husband was a great sport.  There’s a chair near the front of the store (for gentlemen to patiently wait) and he sat there with the luggage while I drooled shopped for a couple special pieces of fabric.  He also was my camera man and took plenty of pictures for me.  🙂  I can’t thank him enough for all these great pictures!


Stepping into the store was like stepping into fabric heaven!!!  You can see me sporting my backpack.  LOL!  There was fabrics EVERYWHERE, along with gorgeous trims, ribbons, buttons, etc.  And, unlike the US fabric stores, not a piece of fleece in sight!  Yep – pretty much fabric heaven!  Also missing was copious quantities of quilting cottons.  Another win as far as I’m concerned.  This store was for someone who wanted to sew clothing!!!

The building was an older building and had many twists and turns as well as several floors/levels and every area was well-organized by fabric content as well as color.  These were fabrics for women – everything from twill to tweeds to linen and everything in between.  Of course, I couldn’t read the signs, so I went by feel as well as by the words on the bolt ends – many are similar to English words.



The wall on the back side is all men’s suiting type of fabrics.



The beautifully color groupings in the picture below are the linings.  What a selection.





The selection of knit fabrics and jerseys was exceptional!



I just loved the aqua tween on the mannequin and went back to this piece several times before deciding that I probably would not make myself a jacket, so to spend the money on that would be foolish.  It sure was beautiful!  They had the tweeds that you see in the Chanel type jackets in every color combination you could imagine, priced at the equivalent of $39 – $69/yd. and higher.  Each piece was as beautiful as the next!


I think that this may have been the bargain area, though I cannot be sure.  The prices on these fabrics were lower than most of the rest in the store, but they were all quite nice, so not cheap remnant stuff that our chain stores seem to get in quite regularly for their “specials”.




Up the set of half a flight of stairs (seen on the second fabric picture) was the children’s area, which was the only area where I saw any quilting type of cottons, and quite a few of those were from the US, though there was a lot of beautiful piques as well as heirloom fabrics.  No bargains to be had there.  I didn’t get a picture of that area.  However, up from that small section was the bridal, formal wear fabrics – oh my, there’s hardly words for that floor!  These are the rows of solid colored satins, silks, and such on the right.  There were so many beautiful print, silk chiffon.



Then there was the laces…..every color you could imagine and what a selection of the white bridal laces.  Of course, there were beautiful beaded trims to match every color.



But, the show stopper for me was the Liberty fabrics!!!  The table had so many beautiful Liberty prints!!!  I’ve never seen so many in one place!  Stop  my beating heart!  I petted many of them, pulled several out trying to decide which one to buy, but with 3 granddaughters, yikes!  The sticker shock with the yardage needed to make 3 dresses stopped me short.  So, I gazed for a while and then slowly walked away.  Actually, I think that the prices in the US are a bit better for Liberty than they were in Vienna – we just don’t have quite the selection.

Just prior to leaving the shop, I asked to use the lady’s room – necessity before another 40 minute walk.  That was in another corner of the shop on a different floor.  Imagine my surprise when I found just as many Liberty fabrics in that back room that was tucked away near the lady’s room – and all were different prints than what were on this table.  I think that was the section of the store for decorating a baby nursery.  Unclear why they would separate the Liberty like that, but I guess it works for them.  Lots of beautiful fabrics in that room as well.



Then there was the buttons, threads, trims and such – quite a selection.  Look at all those buttons on the wall!!!  The trims and ribbons were on the table.






I didn’t venture down to the basement level, which I was told had mostly home dec. as well as outdoor fabrics.

It was a delightful shopping experience.  I left with 4 pieces of fabric.  I was limited by what we could still fit into our suitcases (which, by the way, were carry on size – for a 10 day trip!!!).  That was perfectly fine with me – I own enough fabric that I cannot possibly sew it up in what remains in my lifetime.

If you’re ever in Vienna, you just need to stop at this shop – it’s well worth it.  And you may even want to leave room in your luggage as well as a hefty chunk of spending money for the adventure!

I’ve been sewing since we got back home.  I’ll share those things next.  Until then, keep on stitching……